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How long do Crest White Strips take to work?

How long do Crest White Strips take to work?


Usually you have to put them on twice a day for an average of 2 weeks. Finally, teeth whitening strips deliver quick results. Your teeth should begin to look whiter within a few days of using the strips and the results should last at least 2 months. Crest whitening strips work very much like other teeth whitening strips. They are thin, usually transparent strips made from a plastic called polyethylene, which are safe for one-time use and that are coated on one side with a tooth whitening gel containing some sort of whitening agent, usually peroxide.

Our company's activated carbon tooth strips: A bacteriostatic and whitening tooth paste containing silver-loaded activated carbon includes a three-layer structure, the first layer is a soft plastic film, the second layer is a whitening bacteriostatic gel, and the third layer is a peeling backing layer. When in use, the soft plastic film and the whitening and antibacterial gel are torn off from the peeling backing layer, and then adhered to the tooth surface. The whitening and antibacterial gel is made up of silver-loaded activated carbon and stain remover. The product is safe and stable without irritation. The whitening effect is equivalent to that of commercially available 6% HP whitening paste; it can effectively inhibit E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The antibacterial rate reaches more than 90%.

Compared with other styles of whitening tooth strips, this type of activated carbon tooth strips has better sales and is more popular with customers, mainly customers in European and American countries.Per box 14 pairs 28 pieces;

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