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How do you use Glorysmile iD Stain Eraser?

How do you use Glorysmile iD Stain Eraser?


The Glorysmile iD strain erase is a 2 step treatment that not just exposes stains you did not know were there, but also works to remove them. This two in one treatment will help stop the buildup of horrible stains before they become an issue for your dentist. The primary step of the treatment is the iD stain identifier which comes in a perfect clickable pen that dispenses the gel through the brush. To remove the bad stains we have just exposed, we have step 2 – the Stain Eraser.

A thick paste formulated with bentonite and kaolin which are clays that help to clean and polish the teeth. This treatment successfully removes build up revealing fit, brighter teeth.

How does the Glorysmile ID stain eraser work?

iD strain eraser is a 2-in-1 treatment that works by recognizing and erasing stains in just 2 easy steps. The strain identifier highlights red areas on the tooth area where stains are starting to build up. The stain eraser, a polishing paste, successfully removes everyday stains while maintaining enamel health. This 2 step treatment will leave brighter, teeth whiter, and healthier.

Glorysmile iD Stain Eraser

What is a stain eraser?

The stain eraser is a special paste that has been designed as an enamel-safe polisher to get rid of surface stains without compromising tooth enamel, while helping whiter teeth. The stain eraser has been developed with a mild abrasive for highest cleaning.

What is a stain identifier?

The stain identifier is a gel pen that has a red dye that blinds to the biofilm, otherwise called as a layer of bacteria, on your enamel. This biofilm build-up is what causes stains to stick to the tooth area. The identifier will highlight red stains on the tooth area.

How and when should I use Glorysmile iD stain eraser?

Apply iD stain identifier

Glorysmile iD stain identifier Pen by clicking the button until the formula begins to reach the tip. Brush a layer of the iD stain identifier formula on each tooth. Areas highlighted in red point out a higher focus of plaque or stains build up.

Apply iD stain eraser

Use a pea size amount of iD stain eraser to a dry toothbrush. Brush for one minute, targeting the red highlighted areas. Once you have finished brushing, expel and rinse. Take note of the areas once highlighted in red, which will have now been decreased.

Advantages of using Glorysmile ID stain eraser

Bright smile

Your smile is one of the most amazing features that attracts and helps you make a lasting impression on others. With the advantages that a top standard teeth stain eraser may provide, you can anticipate meeting new acquaintances and sexy partners much more easily. Additionally, you can be certain that your looks will rightly affect such meetings.

Important self-esteem boost

The bigger part of people attributes a big percentage of their self-worth to their look. Thus, stain erasers for teeth quickly improve your self-esteem. You and your smile will be radiant.

Healthier mouth

Oral health should take priority over all the aspects of health. Stains will be rightly removed from your teeth with these items, permitting them to power and become healthier. Bad oral health can result in a range of issues later in life, including heart disease and organ failure.

Enamel protection

Enamel is an extremely hard substance. It is unable to self-repair once it has deteriorated. Once the dental issue has compromised the enamel, it is irreversible, and weakened enamel is more prone to cavities and disintegration. Fluoride, which is present in most toothpaste, can help save enamel from the damage caused by acidic beverages and foods, resulting in less stains on weak enamel.

Mental health

Persistent worry about your physical look can eventually result in mental health issues. With white teeth and a gleaming look, you may expect worry to melt away, and you will be in the best position to stay mentally fit.


Is charcoal toothpaste a safe product for use?

Charcoal toothpaste is irritating to use daily. Using an abrasive item on your teeth can cause your enamel to erode. It may raise the look of your teeth’s yellowness by exposing the enamel, a stronger yellow tissue. Further, it can make your teeth more sensitive.

Which tooth ID stain eraser products are the best?

Many products help you get rid of stains from your teeth. There are many types of toothpaste like foams and pens. They each have their advantages for teeth whitening and stain removal. Each has a distinct objective, pick the right one for you.

How do celebrities maintain their shining whites?

Celebrity’s pearly whites are forever easy to see. It is not that they brush their teeth excellent than the rest of us, but many mechanisms contribute to their teeth’s brightness. They are already on the best track toward brighter teeth just by practicing basic oral hygiene. Apart from brushing their teeth twice a day, they make sure that there are no surface stains on their teeth. It is a pretty safe and perfect method.

How to stop teeth stains from recurring?

To reject a recurrence of tooth discoloration, maintain an oral care routine that includes brushing, using toothpaste, and foam. There is no need to be anxious, bear in mind that having a fit routine for oral hygiene stops tooth discoloration and the production of stain-causing plaque on the teeth.



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