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Hot Selling Professional V34 Colour Corrector Powder | Glorysmile

Hot Selling Professional V34 Colour Corrector Powder | Glorysmile


Utilizing color-correction technology is V34 Colour Corrector powder. Applying a water-soluble purple dye to your teeth will eliminate any yellow overtones since purple is the complimentary color to yellow and is located precisely beyond yellow on the color wheel. This article will cover every aspect of Glorysmile v34 color corrector powder.

Apply the Glorysmile v34 Colour Corrector powder on your toothbrush in the same manner as you would ordinary toothpaste, then brush! Any shade of yellow may be eliminated for the brightest smile using V34's Colour Corrector powder since it combines two water-soluble colours.

Ingredients of V34 Colour Corrector powder

· Glycerin,

· Aqua/Water,

· Sorbitol,

· Hydrated Silica,

· Xylitol,

· Polysorbate 80,

· Cellulose Gum,

· Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil,

· Phenoxyethanol, Sucralose,

· Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate,

· CI17200/D&C Red No. 33,

· CI42090/FD&C Blue No.1,

· Ethylhexylglycerin.

Glorysmile V34 Colour Corrector Powder

What is v34?

V34 uses technology based on color theory to whiten teeth. V34 covers stains and enhances brightness momentarily by harmonizing the various yellow tones in your teeth. For a brightness boost, use V34 every day, shortly after a whitening procedure, or right before a major event. V34 is designed for persons who want to whiten their teeth even more after having them bleached or who already have exceptionally white teeth and don't need the entire treatment provided by the Teeth Whitening Kit. While V34 balances the warm and cold tones (hue) in your teeth to expose a brighter shade of white, PAP+ boosts the lightness and minimizes the saturation of yellow stains. A post-whitening procedure called V34 restores brightness and balances yellow tones on the surface of the teeth. Utilizing color-correction technology, it works to brighten teeth. V34 covers stains and enhances brightness by balancing the various tones in your teeth.

· Uses technology for color correction

Purple and yellow are the complimentary colors that are located across from each other on the color wheel, which is where color correction all begins. Applying purple on your teeth cancels out any yellow undertones, neutralizing them and making your teeth appear noticeably brighter.

· Non-invasive therapy for brightening

V34 is safe to use on dental work because it is not a chemical whitening procedure and doesn't alter your teeth in any significant way.

· Brighten your teeth even more

V34 is made for those who want to get the most out of their teeth-whitening procedures, brightening their teeth even more after whitening, or who already have exceptionally white teeth and don't require a complete whitening procedure. Instead of oxidizing surface stains like our PAP+ whitening solutions do, v34 balances the various hues to provide a whiter, brighter look.

What is the operation of the V34 color corrector powder?

The v34 color corrector powder can be thought of as purple shampoo for your teeth (purple shampoo helps keep your hair from turning yellow and prevents dullness).

The v34 color corrector powder utilizes the exclusive color-correction technology of the company. By covering stains and enhancing their brightness, it balances out the various tones in your teeth. For a consistently brighter smile, you may use it as a brightening booster in combination to your normal toothpaste.

This is how it goes:

· Due to the fact that they are opposite one another on the color wheel, yellow and purple are complimentary hues. The v34 creates a violet tone by carefully balancing two water-soluble pigments.

· This product cancels out the yellow overtones on your teeth, much like the purple shampoo eliminated the yellow tone from your hair. Your teeth will be a substantially brighter shade of white as a result.

· The product neutralizes any yellow hues on teeth and does so without leaving any trace.

Even though there are numerous other treatments for yellow teeth, the v34 color corrector powder stands out as one of the simplest and most efficient options.

V34 Color-correcting powder: Pros and Cons

The pros of v34 color correcting powder

· Efficient at whitening teeth

· Teeth's color by removing yellow tones

· non-invasive medical care

· Water-soluble

· It has no negative effects and may be taken regularly.

· Despite being purple, it doesn't leave any traces.

Cons of v34 color corrector powder

· Best used following a procedure for teeth whitening.

· The teeth are not bleached to change color.

· Instead, it only harmonizes your teeth's cold and warm tones (hue) to produce a brighter shade of white.

How should the v34 color corrector powder be applied?

The v34 is most effective when used after bleaching. You may use it daily or even right before an event since it's still powerful enough to get rid of the yellow undertones on your teeth.

What is the precise application of the V34 Color Corrector Powder? If you opt v34 colour corrector powder, follow these steps:

· Put some water on your toothbrush and shake off any extra.

· Brush the bristles of your toothbrush evenly with powder by dipping it into the container.

· Brush for 30 seconds with great care.

· After using a toothbrush, remove it and rinse your mouth.

· Brush away any extra color gently.

· However, unlike your original teeth, restorations cannot be color-corrected.

The Glorysmile v34 color corrector powder is one of the most well-known teeth-whitening solutions. This unusual treatment helps to brighten dull, white teeth while balancing out yellow undertones.

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