Home remedies can turn your yellow teeth white

by:GlorySmile     2020-07-04
Specific Treatments A mixture of lemon juice and Salt whitening rinse might just do the trick to treat your yellow teeth. In preparing this mixture, one has to mix juice obtained from one whole lemon with one tablespoon of salt, in the proportion of 75% lemon juice and 25% of salt. Using this mixture as a mouthwash, let it remain in your mouth for at least one minute before spitting it out. Immediately after the mixture is spit out, brush your teeth so as to get rid of any residue therein. This is an excellent home remedy for all those who do not suffer from problem of sensitive teeth. This home remedy can be done for maximum two times a week in order to treat yellow stains on the teeth. The difference can be visible in couple of weeks. Similarly, one wholly mashed strawberry and baking soda can act as a good whitening mixture. The mixture can be made by mixing half a spoon of baking soda with one wholly mashed strawberry. Instead of making it into a mouthwash, one has to apply this mixture directly onto the teeth, letting it sit for approximately five minutes. Follow it by brushing teeth with regular toothpaste so as to get rid of the residue from the mouth. This whitening treatment is sufficient to be undertaken once every two weeks. This is because the acid contained in the strawberries may damage tooth's enamel, thus causing more harm than good. The damage of tooth's enamel could accelerate the process of one's tooth decay. Routine Treatment of teeth cleansing The manner in which teeth are cleaned on daily basis is important for enabling removal of yellow stains on teeth. Moreover, the health of teeth also depends on the food we eat and the activities we perform. Teeth cleansing process should be carried out on daily basis with brushing the teeth, followed by flossing and rinsing. To enhance this process, the aforesaid specific treatments could be mixed in this process of cleansing. However, care ought to be taken that number of specific treatments should not be exceeding their limits of usage. Apart from these, crushed walnut could be a natural cleanser as well as aid in keeping bacteria at bay. Likewise, bay leaves powdered with dried orange peel can enhance teeth whitening, simultaneously preventing discoloration of teeth.
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