Having white teeth often comes with a price, as

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-11
According to malibubright.com, the three components of the MalibuBright system are Instant ShineTrays, the Poly(P) Daily Use Kit, and a Handheld BrightBrush. For an instantly whiter smile, those using this kit apply a Carbamide Peroxide gel to the Instant ShineTrays; however, this process doesn't need to be repeated for another six months. Instead, the Malibu Bright Teeth Whitening Kit utilizes the Poly(P) Daily Use Kit's elements, including the Ultra-Brightening Gel, the Deep-Protection Oral Rinse, and Stain Lifting Spray, for regular stain lifting. The gel polishes and whitens without bleach, while the oral rinse coats teeth for protection after brushing and helps to remove bad breath causing bacteria; the Poly(P) spray is included for stain removal on the go, especially after meals, smoking, and drinking coffee or wine. The Handheld BrightBrush toothbrush included with the Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to apply Malibu Bright products efficiently, while also helping to keep teeth cleaner. Many dentists believe round headed, electric toothbrushes like this one clean more effectively than standard designs. Features of this brush include 5,000 rotations per minute and light technology to enhance the effects of whitening solutions. A replacement brush head is included in the kit, and a new one can be sent every 30 days via autoship. All of this comes with a single order of the Malibu Bright Tooth Whitening Kit, which is easily purchased via the malibubright.com online store. Consumers can try out this product with the Malibu Bright 60 day risk free trail offered through the site. Few methods provide a comprehensive whitening, brightening, and cleaning routine in a single kit as the Malibu Brightinstant teeth whitening system does. The reduced frequency of bleaching means MalibuBright does not cause brittleness and sensitivity like other products, nor does it require a visit to the dentist or a prescription. Other advantages of the Malibu Bright Professional Teeth Whitening Kit over other whitening methods include longer lasting results, faster application, and more attention to tooth health than most regimens.
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