Everyone wants to have whiter teeth but not everyone

by:GlorySmile     2020-05-26
As people grow older, their teeth begin to stain because of everyday eating, drinking and other factors. Because of this, the age of the user will determine how big a result will be seen by the home teeth whitening kits. It is not recommended that children younger than 16 years old use whitening kits. The teenagers over 16 who use the kits will seem the most dramatic results because their teeth have not been exposed to as many stain causers. Users in their twenties and thirties will also see quick results but by the time they reach their forties or fifties it will take more treatments with higher levels of whitener to see any improvements. There are two types of at home teeth whitening kits. One is the kind that can be bought over the counter at retailers and the other is distributed by dentists. The over the counter teeth whitening kits are the most convenient to buy and are quite a bit cheaper than the dentist dispensed kits. The kits available at retailers usually contain a whitening gel or paste that is put into a generic shaped tooth tray. The paste is put into the tray and then applied to the teeth. Usually these kits only whiten the front teeth because they are the most visible. The dentist provided home teeth whitening kits provide more results more quickly. The whitening is also more noticeable because there are more active whitening ingredients in the gel that is used. The trays are custom made to fit each patient's mouth. These kits are more expensive than the over the counter whitening kits. There will also be a longer wait to receive these home whitening kits because first an appointment will be needed to see the dentist and then the trays will have to be made.
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