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Do The Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

Do The Teeth Whitening Kits Work?


Teeth whitening refers to a range of processes that aim to make someone’s natural teeth emerge whiter and brighter. Teeth whitening methods contain bleaching, sanding down stains, ultraviolet light therapy, and more.

Many different teeth whitening items are accessible, and you can try many approaches at home. You can also get your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office.

Some teeth whitening techniques can cause uncomfortable bad effects, particularly tooth sensitivity and gum issue. Let’s take a look at how teeth whitening works, and how to do it safely.

Teeth whitening kits can be effective at removing surface stains and brightening the overall appearance of your teeth. However, the degree of effectiveness can vary depending on the type of kit and the individual's teeth.

There are many types of teeth whitening kits available, including over-the-counter products such as whitening strips, gels, and toothpaste, as well as professional-grade kits that can be purchased from a dentist. These kits typically use peroxide-based whitening agents that penetrate the enamel and break up the stains on the teeth.

How does teeth whitening kits work?

The teeth whitening agent is absorbed by dentin layers and tooth enamel. The active bleaching agents remove stains when it comes in contact with the tooth area and triggers an oxidation response. This chemical begins to break down the molecular bonds of discolored molecules thus causing the stains to evaporate.

Most teeth whitening kits appear with a LED light device that releases a blue light and can better the effectiveness of bleaching agents. Research has presented that the LED light quickens the whitening chemical process by immediately activating the bleaching ingredients inside the gel. Because the light speeds up the chemical response, more stains can be removed during the teeth whitening process.

The treatment time needed for whitening the tooth is dependent on the time of exposure and focus of the bleaching compound used. This in turn is dependent on the type of whitening technique employed, generally 1 or 2 shades of lower standard teeth whitening kits, and up to 6-8 shades of professional teeth whitening kits.

Glorysmile Teeth whitening Kits

How to use teeth whitening kit

● Brush your teeth

● Remove 2 trays from the packaging

● Line the top tray against the base of the top teeth and perfectly brush the tray upwards onto the teeth.

● Repeat this step for the bottom tray

● Close your mouth, but be alert not to bite down hard to reject oozing the gel.

● Keep the trays in place for the specified period as in the instructions. Afterward, get rid of and dispose of the trays.

● Use water to rinse the gums and teeth of any excess gel.

Whitening your teeth safely

But if teeth whitening products are risky, why do so many dentists use them? The answer is that, if you are using the best products correctly, there is little potential for damage.

You can use a teeth whitening kit. You just need to be picky in the one you pick for your bright smile.

According to the ADA, hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening items are safe when used as directed. Be sure to look for an item that has the ADA seal of approval on it. But if you are still not sure if a whitening kit is for you, discuss it with your dentist.

Which whitening option is best for you?

Finally, the choice of how you want to whiten your teeth is in your hands.  Check for online teeth whitening kit reviews. Ensure you are just looking at the best teeth whitening products on the market.

Before you perform anything that could be bad to your teeth, discuss it with your dentist. Bleaching products do not work the same on all teeth. If you have yellowed teeth from teeth or aging that are stained from beverages and food, you may benefit from a whitening service.

But if your teeth are discolored in other ways, it could mean you have an extra serious issue that needs to be addressed. Bleach from a bad whitening kit could make the situation worse.

No issue what you pick to do, ensure you do it perfectly. Follow the directions on the item. Pay focus to any little sensitivities to your gum and teeth area after using a whitening kit.

It is general to notice increased sensitivity with use, but it may be a sign that you should prevent using the kit or use a different, less bad product.


Teeth whitening contains many cosmetic treatments to make a brighter smile. Some can be done at home through whitening products or kits, while others can be performed at your dentist’s office. Whitening treatments are generally not covered by health insurance.

Some chemicals used in teeth whitening can cause gum issues and tooth sensitivity. It is vital to forever use products as directed.

If you have mild tooth staining, consider including a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash to your oral care routine. It may also help to reject liquids or foods that are known to stain your teeth, including coffee and wine. If staining is more noticeable, you may want to try an at-home whitening kit or discuss with your dentist about in-office whitening sessions.

Regardless of what you plan, there is no reason to be ashamed of your smile. The most vital thing is that your teeth are functional and fit.

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