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Do Teeth Whitening Strips Work On Very Yellow Teeth?

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Work On Very Yellow Teeth?


Teeth Whitening strips are a famous substitute for professional whitening treatments. They are convenient and affordable, but do they work?

Whitening strips have been around for a long time now, and they are still famous today. They are a fast fix for people who want brighter teeth. Anyway, they are not the top way to go about it, but they can get the work done in a pinch.

If they work, yes, they do, but it depends on your condition and expectations. If you are looking for dramatic outcomes and want to be capable of seeing a difference in just one use, then  no. Anyway, if your aim is more long-term, like less than a year and gradual improvements, then yes, they can help.

What are teeth whitening strips?

Whitening strips are thin pieces of flexible plastic that adhere to teeth. They have a low focus of bleaching agents, generally hydrogen peroxide gel released by the strip. Then, over time, this ingredient permeates via the enamel of teeth to whiten them. Anyway, do not expect dramatic results. Additionally, these items can be worn for many days at a time, depending on the instructions. Some even claim to work after just a one-use.

The amount of dynamic whitening ingredients in these strips vary. Still, because they are generally applied more than once daily, one would have to consider how many bleaching items are being introduced into your oral cavity each day when gauging their effectiveness.

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Why are they used?

There are a big number of reasons for teeth to lose its white colour and become stained, or discoloured or yellow in patches. One of the most general reasons is chewing tobacco. In many countries, tobacco is used in a range of forms. Smoking is famous to stain teeth because of its nicotine content.

Another general substance is colouring agent in drinks which discolours the teeth in the long run. Sometimes, with age, individuals find their teeth losing its shine white colour and gradually becoming yellowish. Mental and physical trauma also makes teeth stained. In certain cases, medication makes teeth lose its colour and make them look yellow and dull.

Teeth whitening strips may not work amazing in all these situations. Only your dental professional would be capable of guiding you as to whether teeth whitening strips will be helpful or not in your case, depending on the reason your teeth have lost its real colour. It may be a low cost of stained teeth or whitening yellow, but a teeth whitening procedure at the dental clinic may be a more perfect option in a bigger part of cases. Sometimes, getting dental veneers may be what you need to give longer lasting results than teeth whitening strips. So it is excellent to check with your dentist first before purchasing the strips.


Tips when using teeth whitening strips

Brush your teeth prior to application

Use a wet toothbrush to brush your teeth before locating the whitening strips in place. Toothpaste is acceptable for use prior to the placement of teeth whitening strips yet it is not actually necessary. Refrain from using toothpaste with fluoride prior to the application of the whitening strips as it can cause the whitening agent to prove useless. The whitening agent is very important to beautifying your teeth. Once you brush your teeth, be sure to rinse out your mouth with water. Such rinsing and brushing help pores in the teeth that must prove accessible in order for whitening to happen.

Use teeth whitening strips in moderation

These strips are actually safe to use in moderation. Anyway, overdoing it will cause the teeth to be sensitive. If the strips are used at an especially top frequency, they might cause real damage. It is easy for the strips to erode the protective enamel layer due to overexposure to the whitening agent. The end outcome could be tooth loss.

Avoid uneven whitening

Teeth whitening strips must be located on the teeth with precision. Anyway, it is vital to not lose sight of the fact that the teeth are hard to completely cover with 2 dimensional teeth whitening strips. Not issue how careful you are when using these strips, there will forever be teeth that are not completely covered. The portions of the teeth that are not covered will not be as white as other areas. So do not rush via the application process. Take your time and do your best to perfectly cover the teeth to produce even whitening.

Avoid contact with the gums

Teeth whitening strips have a bleaching agent that is not as strong as the range used by dentists yet this agent still has the potential to destroy the gums soft tissue. It is amazing the whitening strip does not contact the gums. If necessary, cut the strips with scissors so they serve as an aesthetic match with the teeth shape.

Consistency matters

Teeth whitening strips should be used to the teeth on a daily basis. Do not skip a day. Continue to use your teeth whitening strips across the full period of time noted in the instructions. In most cases, teeth whitening strips are meant to be used every day for at least 2 full weeks.

Do not use dark food or beverages after whitening

Do not use any dark-colored beverages or food such as soda, coffee, chocolate, berries and wine until later in the evening or day.


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