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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-07
Bend Teeth WhiteningUnsightly Stains 'Pearly whites' seems to be becoming a phrase that is included in the list of things that are virtually impossible to achieve. Having a movie-star smile is something that everyone would like, but only photo-shopped models ever seem to have. Bend, Oregon teeth whitening is a means to achieve that perfect smile you've been hoping for. The Culprits Everyday culprits like caffeine, cigarettes, and strong-colored food and drink usually cause unsightly tooth stains. As enamel is eroded away, the residue from these daily indulgences is left behind on our teeth. With Bend cosmetic dentistry, we are able to discover how deeply the stains are embedded, and provide services that will remove the stains, making pearly whites a reality instead of a fantasy. Schedule Your Appointment Today! In-Office Whitening: Measuring the Stains Before beginning any in-office teeth whitening procedure, your bend cosmetic dentist will ascertain your original tooth color hue. Using chips of different colors, your dentist will determine how severe your tooth stains have become, and take pictures to help see the difference the whitening treatments can make. Bend Oregon teeth whitening uses these photos so the patient can also see the amazing difference a simple whitening treatment can make. Protecting the Gums Once the level of teeth stains has been determined, your Bend cosmetic dentist will do everything possible to ensure the safety of your gums and lips from the peroxide gel that will be applied to your teeth. The lips and gums are very sensitive, and therefore a barrier liquid gel will be applied to them for added protection. Finally, a whitening gel will be applied to the teeth, and the patient can relax while the teeth stains start to disappear. Light Treatment In addition to the whitening gel, a light source may be used that enhances the process of the whitening gel. Within the gel are crystals that are especially reactive to strong light. A laser or strong UV light can be used to help encourage the whitening process. A light-enhanced teeth whitening procedure is painless, and can rapidly hasten up the whitening process. Final Touches Bend cosmetic dentistry aims to create the brightest and whitest smile possible, so all possible methods for enhanced whitening procedures are available. If anyone is not comfortable with laser-enhanced teeth whitening, however, your Bend cosmetic dentist is pleased to discuss any concerns. After completing the 60-minute to 2-hour whitening session, the gel is wiped off the teeth and a fresh layer put on. Bend, Oregon teeth whitening usually require three to four sessions for maximum results. At-Home Teeth Whitening While being at the dentist's office in the personal care of your Bend cosmetic dentist is the ideal location for undergoing your Bend, Oregon teeth whitening, some people may not be comfortable having this done while in the office. While the practitioners of Bend cosmetic dentistry will do their utmost to help patients feel secure and welcome in their offices, it is understood that not everyone will be ready to undergo the in-office procedure. At the Patient's Convenience The incredible effects created from Bend, Oregon teeth whitening services can also be achieved at home. For those people who find it inconvenient to schedule appointments for teeth whitening during regular office hours, Bend dentistry is able to accommodate them with an at-home procedure that can be done at their own convenience. For this procedure, the Bend cosmetic dentist will determine the prescription needed, and send the patient home with a bleaching tray and prescription to perform the teeth whitening whenever it is agreeable to her schedule.
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