Congratulations! You just had your laser teeth

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-16
1. You may know by now that many dentist recommends you to continue teeth whitening treatment at home for maintenance. Once you do, remember to always close your whitening gels, plastic cap to preserve the gel's effectiveness on your teeth. 2. Always keep your whitening gel in a cool and dry place. 3. Try to avoid certain acidic food and beverages like citrus since this will make your teeth sensitive (during the entire treatment). 4. Sensodyne can help you get over the discomfort of teeth sensitivity. You can use this toothpaste instead of the regular ones when you are undergoing your tooth whitening treatment. 5. Try to at least minimize the intake of nicotine, coffee, drinks, red wines, or any other food and beverages that cause teeth staining during and after your teeth whitening treatment. 6. Do not overdo putting too much whitening gel on your whitening tray since this may cause gum irritation. 7. Avoid drinking or smoking while you are wearing your teeth whitening tray. You can distort your tray if you remove the tray a couple of times during the process. 8. Do not miss your schedule when you are maintaining your whiter teeth with your home whitening kit. Skipping just a day or two may interrupt the entire process. 9. It is normal that the neck of the tooth (part which is close to the gum) will lighten a little bit longer. But do not worry; at the end of your treatment, this will appear normal along with other parts of your teeth. 10. Expect the shade of your teeth to continue to lighten after a week or two of using home teeth whitening kit. Remember, you also have to regularly visit your dentist for check-ups. You know, they recommend going in every 6 months... It would also be best to ask questions if you encounter some problems during your teeth whitening maintenance. Also, carefully follow instructions as labelled. It is better to be safe than sorry. Lastly, patience is a virtue. Do not expect results immediately. If you want to have much lighter teeth, then you have to wait for the results. Good luck!
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