Bad hair day? Cover it up with a hat. Pimple?

by:GlorySmile     2020-05-24
Having a sparkly Hollywood smile used to be what it's called, a sparkly HOLLYWOOD smile. It cost too much and took too long to get done for anyone else. Then Teeth Whitening products came out and a trend started. Now everyone wants whiter teeth. If you just have slightly yellow teeth then changing your toothpaste would be a good idea. Coffee your guilty pleasure? Use the teeth whitening strips every now and then. Have slight discoloration or want to maintain your shiny white teeth? Keep the mouthpieces used for whitening on hand. If however it's more than that, your teeth are badly stained or dull or if you have a sensitive mouth, you need something else. Teeth Whitening products work by restoring the surface of your tooth. This sometimes is not enough for some people. Either it doesn't work because the damage is too much, or it causes problems. Teeth bleaching products whiten your teeth beyond their natural colour. This is done mostly by using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Here are some things to consider when using teeth whitening or bleaching products: Gum Irritation: Some teeth whitening products use hydrogen peroxide. The bleach concentration of these products can cause people gum irritation which can last several days. Sensitivity: Bleaching in some people can cause your teeth to become sensitive to touch, temperature or pressure and even sharp shooting pains. This is more likely when people with gum recession, cracks in their teeth or leakage due to faulty restorations use bleaching products for their teeth. Colourful Teeth: If you have some restored teeth with bonding, crowns or veneers, they are not affected by the whitening products therefore resulting in only your natural teeth whitening and then all your teeth end up being different shades of white! So what other option do you have? GlamSmile has a great way of getting you that perfect white smile you want, and it doesn't stop there. White, sparkly, even teeth can be yours. In as little as two hours you can have your Hollywood smile ready to take you on a night out. Getting Dental Veneers used to be a painful procedure; this is because getting the veneers required the enamel of your teeth to be shaved and grinded down in order for the veneers to be fitted properly. With the many advances in this procedure this is no longer required to be as invasive. The procedure doesn't even require anaesthesia unlike it used to. When you go to GlamSmile, your first visit will consist of a consultation, a before picture and impressions of your teeth. The next visit, your veneers will be put in. All this in as little as 2 hours and a GlamSmile cost that's easy on the wallet! This is the best whitening solution you could hope for because it's affordable and it lasts! Over the counter Teeth Whitening products work after weeks or months and need to be used again and again. Getting Dental Veneers is done once and can last you for a very long time. Even if you need new ones put in, the GlamSmile lab retains digital files should any future attention be required.
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