Bad breath (halitosis) can be embarrassing and

by:GlorySmile     2020-07-09
Certain foods, health conditions and habits are a cause of bad breath. In many cases, you can improve bad breath with proper dental hygiene. If simple self-care techniques do not solve the problem, you may want to see your dentist or doctor to make a more serious condition is causing your bad breath. Causes of Bad Breath 1. Poor dental hygiene (gum disease) 2. Snuff products 3. Certain foods (garlic, onion, meat, fish and cheese) 4. Fasting 5. Coffee - that can worsen the situation 6. Medical disorder 7. Respiratory tract infection 8. Sinus infection 9. After nasal drip 10. Chronic bronchitis 11. Diabetes Stinky food If you smell them in, most likely going to stink out. The obvious offenders are onions, garlic, alcohol and snuff. And the food does not only create an odor in the mouth. Disease Sometimes bad breath can be a sign of more serious disease. The most common systemic cause of bad breath are diabetes or GERD. Symptoms of Bad Breath 1. Movie yellow or white on the tongue - this is very bad breath symptoms common among those suffering from halitosis. Once removed, however, does not guarantee that the bacteria is gone completely. The reason is that these bacteria are found throughout the mouth and tongue. Usually, people with mucous membranes (nasal) problems have ups fast construction of these films. It is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid further problems. 2. Dry mouth - also known as xerostomia. It is a known cause of bad breath too. When a person has dry mouth, bacteria tend to focus more on the saliva, which then evaporates easily in air. The smell gets stronger and more offensive. Due to less saliva, your (saliva) cleaning effect decreases resulting in the accumulation of more cellular debris and bacteria in the oral cavity. Known causes of dry mouth include aging, inadequate intake of liquids, mouthwash and other alcohol-based medications. The Treatment for Bad Breath 1. Oral Hygiene 2. The root cause of the disease 3. The severity of the disorder A periodontal cleaning often helps to remove bacteria and plaque that builds up and causes the recession of the gums. Regular dental care such as brushing, flossing and mouth laundering bacteria may recommended by the dentist to control bacterial growth thereby preventing halitosis. Home Remedies for Bad Breath 1. Brush with baking soda to reduce acidity in the mouth and make it difficult for bacteria to grow 2. Brush and rinse with hydrogen peroxide when you have upper respiratory infections, but do not swallow 3. Gargle with salt water to reduce bacteria in the mouth 4. Avoid eating carbohydrates and refined sugars such as cookies, candy, cakes, soft drinks, ice cream and syrups 5. Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses) per day 6. Eat avocado to eliminate intestinal decomposition that leads to bad breath
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