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by:GlorySmile     2020-05-27
The effects are immediate - bright white teeth. Most dentists apply a 35% blend of peroxide solution, or its equivalent, when using this method. Though this might seem to be a very fast method, it does have some shortcomings. The soft tissues of the teeth might be injured as a result of chemical burns which is why the dentist must check and follow the process very carefully. Teeth Whitening Strips The second approach to teeth whitening in Rocky Hill is also the one most dentists prefer. It involves the placement of a skinny strip of material bonding the bleaching agent directly onto the stained teeth. The dentist doesn't remove this thin strip at the appointment. The patient needs to keep this whitening strip on their teeth for a while. The time period ranges from a few hours and could even be for a few days. In comparison to the 'standard bleach' process, this method is not as convenient and typically takes a much longer time. But, many dentists will advise their patients to use this method instead of the first method discussed. Dentists prefer this teeth whitening procedure as it is safer and actually reduces the chance of damaging the soft tissues of the teeth. Teeth Whitening With Laser Technology Laser teeth whitening is a newer process that uses the strong beam of laser light to whiten your teeth. It is becoming more and more popular as the technology becomes more refined and less expensive. It is relatively fast, pain-free and the effects last a long time. Laser teeth whitening will probably dominate the market at some point as it becomes more financially viable for more people. Insurance plans do not typically cover any sort of cosmetic dentistry so it is an 'out-of-pocket' expense for the patient. What Is The Best Method? Answering the question of which method is best is difficult because everyone's situation is unique. If money is not an object, the laser method is probably the best choice. For those not able to afford this method, the teeth whitening strips or dental office teeth bleaching are probably your best bets. You can buy relatively inexpensive whitening products that use the same peroxide solution used by professional dentists. This is a much less expensive option than a dental visit, however the results will not be as good.
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