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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-16
Below are a number of techniques you can follow to help maintain your pearly whites and keep your smile dazzling. 1. Whitening toothpastes - these help to keep discolouration at bay by removing surface stains and yellowing. Just make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly to experience their full effects. 2. Teeth care - brush and rinse your teeth immediately after consuming a stain causing drink or food (tea, coffee, wine or sugary foods). Now whilst this may feel tedious and take the enjoyment out of your drink, by taking extra care with your teeth, you can keep them stain free and sparkling. 3. Use a straw - you may feel silly doing this - especially with hot drinks - but drinking your tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and wine through a straw can limit your exposure to stain inducing beverages and eliminate the need to brush your teeth every time you have a drink. 4. Wear lipstick - a bright shade of lipstick can help make your teeth appear whiter. Just be careful to not wear orange or brown shades as these will enhance stains. 5. Get a check up - check to see if you need a touch up. Depending on the type of teeth whitening method you opted for you may need to get your teeth touched up in 6 months or after 2 years. Note: periods between touch ups will depend on how much you smoke or drink coffee/tea/wine. The more often you have these, the more often you will need to re-whiten your teeth. Now if you opted to use a teeth whitening gel such as that provided by Dr George's Dental White, you can experience the confidence of being able to re-whiten your teeth without having to pay for a new gel. Containing 4 times more gel than any other teeth whitening gel, Dr George's Dental White is FDA approved and has a shelf life of 2 years. This means, from a one off investment, you can continue to keep your teeth sparkling for at least 2 years - all at an affordable price. If you are not hooked by this, you might find most home teeth whitening kits a completely useless segment of products - considering that not even the price range as well as the quality levels can entice you. However, if you decided to but the natural teeth whitening products that were discussed in detail above, choose the very best! The only reason people complain about products that whiten teeth is when they choose bad vendors and end up with ineffective products that in turn provide null results! This can be easily avoided with the help of video testimonials, online teeth whitening reviews on vendor sites and recommendations from friends or family who have used the products before! If you have decided on which product to buy this summer, go ahead. That 1000-watt smile is waiting for you!
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