As we age, our teeth start to discolor because of food

by:GlorySmile     2020-06-06
The teeth whitening kits contain everything needed to whiten teeth at home. They can be simple kits with just the basic materials or they can include every possible thing needed, including a smaller version of the light used by the dentists to activate the whitening gel. When choosing a kit, people need to consider what results they would like to see and how much time they have to spend on the tooth whitening process. It is also important to consider the active ingredients in these kits. If the active ingredient is carbamide peroxide, use lower active percentages if it is a first time whitening session. There are generally two kinds of teeth whitening kits; a professionally given kit that is dispensed from a dentist office and a general at-home kit that can be bought in most stores. These kits feature custom made mouth trays and a gel with more of the whitening ingredient than the others. The trays cover all of the teeth, not just the ones in the front and they are left on for longer times. Sometimes the user will have to wear the tray overnight. These kits are usually more expensive than the simpler kits that are bought in stores. The teeth whitening kits that are bought from retailers are generally thought of as the most convenient and best value for teeth whitening. Over the counter whitening kits include a whitening gel or fluid that contains a relatively low percentage of whitening ingredient. The gel is applied to the teeth using generic trays designed to fit everyone's mouth. The whitening in these kits usually works only on the front teeth and a few of the side teeth. The kits will sometimes include strips or brush on gel. Because there is a lower amount of the active ingredient in these kits, it will take longer to see results than with the professional kits.
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