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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-28
As aforementioned, there are multiple different forms of the teeth whitening kit to choose from, including Crest whitestrips, brush on gels, teeth whitening pens, bleaching trays, and at home, laser whitening kits. The majority of these products use a hydrogen based bleach to remove and lift stains from your teeth. These kits have been specifically formulated to work safely with the enamel of your teeth. Of all of the different types of teeth whitening kits, whitening strips are arguably the most popular and the most effective method of at home whitening. These strips are applied to the front of your upper and lower teeth on a daily basis. They will be left on your teeth for approximately 30 minutes each day, but the exact time will vary according to the manufacturer of the teeth whitening strips. Modern teeth whitening strips are designed to be virtually invisible, and many manufacturers of these strips have striven to provide a strip design that will remain in place without you having to worry about the strips slipping or moving. This means that you will be able to talk, drink water, and go about your daily activities without having to worry about the strips. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about any gunk or residue being left on your teeth after you have removed the strips. An at home tooth whitening kit will produce as effective results as what you would achieve in a dentist office, and there are many advantages to choosing this method of whitening your teeth. For example, it is cost effective, with some at home whitening kits being priced well under the 20.00 price point. Secondly, the application of teeth whitening kits is quite simple, and the results you achieve can last up to 24 months. There are gel refills and touch up kits available for purchase that you can use as needed. If you are confused about which teeth whitening kit you should purchase, don't be afraid to consult your dentist! These kits can be found in most supermarkets and drugstores, but the Internet is also a great place to look for bargains, because many of these kits are competitively priced. In the UK, one of the leading websites for finding the right teeth whitening kit is, so swing by their website and see what they have to offer you!
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