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Are whitening strips bad for you?

Are whitening strips bad for you?


The majority of whitening strips are safe to use; however, if you use whitening strips that contain chlorine dioxide, you could destroy the enamel on your teeth. Chlorine dioxide is the same acid that is used to disinfect swimming pools. It whitens teeth by eating away at the surface of the enamel.

The active ingredient of regular brand teeth whitening strips is a low concentration of peroxide, generally the concentration is below 10%. When used correctly, it can not only ensure the safety of teeth and gums, but also achieve the whitening effect. This is countless. The experiment confirmed it. However, the wearing period should be calculated in weeks, and it will take at least two weeks to have a more obvious effect.

In addition, during whitening, due to the effect of peroxide on the surface of teeth, teeth will be more susceptible to contamination by pigments in food and beverages. So try to eat and drink white or colorless, such as water, milk, chicken, fish and so on. At least avoid tea, red wine, soy sauce, and certain brightly colored fruits.

As for some whitening products of unknown origin, some increase the concentration of peroxides in order to one-sided pursuit of effects, which may damage teeth. It is not recommended to choose.


1. Avoid using tooth whitening stirps after brushing your teeth.

2. Please do not go beyond the tip of the tooth when using the tooth whitening stirps, and should be parallel to the tip of the tooth.

3. If the paste is not flat when using it, just use your fingers to gently press the two ends of the tooth whitening stirps and gently pull it outwards.

4. Use the tooth strips on the upper and lower teeth twice a day, each time not less than 30 minutes, and the best time is 60 minutes.

5. After use, remove the gel left on the teeth by rinsing and wiping.

6. Do not use after oral ulcers, broken gums, or oral surgery.

7. For those with sensitive teeth, please reduce the dosage or use it under the guidance of a doctor.

8. Avoid contact with eyes when using this product. If you accidentally touch your eyes, please wash with water immediately.

9. It is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 12 years old.

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