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Are Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes Good For Your Teeth?

Are Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes Good For Your Teeth?


Toothbrushes have amazingly evolved from a simple toothbrush with uniform bristles to a rechargeable one that pairs with your mobile. Brushing habits are essential to promote fit gums and teeth and stop tooth decay. The real manual toothbrush needs diligence to be consistent and perfectly brush at a certain pace to remove bacteria and plaque.

 Anyway, many individuals favor this brush which successfully keeps their teeth and gums fit. Charcoal is a latest addition to oral care items because of its whitening and antibacterial features. Today, charcoal is infused in toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even floss.

Non-charcoal vs. Bamboo Charcoal toothbrushes: which is better?

Bamboo Charcoal toothbrushes are produced with bristles infused with activated charcoal and are generally accompanied by a bamboo handle. Because of this design, they are biodegradable, and the charcoal is said to activate at the microscopic level to get rid of the tannins and plaque that develop over time. For adults, these options present a remarkable way to be eco-friendly and have a better time cleaning their teeth. This eco-friendly option is how charcoal is said to get rid of bacteria at the microscopic level.

Luckily, researchers have already looked into this claim and found some amazing results. Studies such as one found in Contemporary clinical dentistry matched the bacterial contamination of charcoal and non-charcoal toothbrushes from over fifty patients, each of them using both toothbrushes and returning them within 1 week of use. Within that one week of use, researchers combined the bacteria present along with the bristles and concluded that within their study, they found an important difference between the non-charcoal and charcoal. The charcoal bristles had more inhibition area with fewer bacteria growth than non-charcoal toothbrushes and found that the charcoal did have antimicrobial and antibacterial features.

Glorysmile bamboo charcoal toothbrush

Advantages of Glorysmile bamboo charcoal toothbrush

Soft bristles toothbrush

Unlike some manual toothbrushes that can simply bend and make your gums bleed, this oral health charcoal toothbrush is gentle and soft, so it will clean your teeth without irritating them.

Relax ergonomic handle

Designed with a larger head soft bristle and a perfect balance weight that feels remarkable in your hand and make it simple to maneuver in order to reach all sections of your mouth, even those difficult to reach areas as well.

Have the best dental care

Thanks to the activated charcoal infused into their bristles, the teeth cleaning will become more successful as the charcoal improves gum health, freshens health, removes plaque, decreases gingivitis and save optimal dental hygiene so you can have the dental health you deserve.

Eliminates bad halitosis/breath

Trust it or not, our mouths are teeming with:

 ● Germs

 ● Chemicals

 ● Gasses

 ● Bacteria

 ● Environmental toxins and other compounds which causes bad odors

Bamboo Charcoal toothbrushes absorb such odor-generating agents, which leave your mouth feeling cleaner and feeling smell-free as well. Instead of masking bad breath with fake scents (generally made of chemicals – even in basic mint varieties), charcoal bristles get rid of bad breath fully, the manufacturer's asset.

Kill bacteria and other germs

Bad bacteria that eat away at tooth enamel cause tooth gingivitis, decay, and other issues of the gums and teeth. Charcoal toothbrushes are said to have the capability to seek and damage these bad bacteria on a microscopic level.

Charcoal bristles have a long life

If you are hesitating about the longevity, rest assured charcoal toothbrushes last just about as long as your standard toothbrush. They could last longer because of their antibacterial features, but it is forever a best idea to change one after three months, per the American Dental Association. It is also advised you change your toothbrush after an illness, to make sure you get rid of all traces of the bacteria from your home.

Charcoal toothbrushes may be pretty new to the market, but they are worth looking into. With many advantages, it is just a matter of time before they secure their place among their mass-produced counterparts in the shop. Glorysmile provides a compostable way to utilize the charcoal toothbrush advantages. The feel and look of a bamboo toothbrush is both remarkable and in a lot way better than the plastic toothbrush we are all too familiar with. The advantages of a bamboo charcoal toothbrush go beyond your teeth.


Is a bamboo charcoal toothbrush safe?

A charcoal toothbrush is a toothbrush that has bristles infused with dynamic charcoal. These bristles are generally linked to a bamboo/wooden handle.

Charcoal bristles are trusted to absorb bacteria and help stop breath. Anyway, like charcoal toothpaste, charcoal toothbrush bristles are abrasive and destroy tooth enamel. Charcoal toothbrushes do not have the ADA seal of acceptance and so are not safe to use.

Is charcoal mouthwash safe?

Based on a study released in the National Library of medicine,” There is insufficient proof to substantiate the cosmetic and therapeutic marketing claims of charcoal-based mouthwashes, including anti-halitosis, antimicrobial activity, periodontal disease control, tooth whitening, caries reduction and tooth remineralisation, among others.

In other words, there is no sufficient proof to prove that charcoal-based mouthwashes give any advantages for neither cosmetics nor health. Charcoal mouthwash is therefore unnecessary and possibly damaging to enamel.

Is charcoal floss safe?

Like charcoal mouthwash and charcoal toothpaste, using charcoal floss is a gamble. Charcoal particles can wear down enamel and make you more susceptible to tooth decay (cavities) and sensitivity.


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