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by:GlorySmile     2020-06-06
In-Office The most well liked option for teeth whitening at Dr. Koppikar's office is the one-hour teeth whitening method. This method presents instant results which possibly will last a few months. The usual patient observes that their teeth turn out to be whiter by a standard change of four to six shades in only one hour. You can also freshen up your teeth at home anytime as the office offers patients with the Take-Home whitening trays. How does the treatment work? Dr. Koppikar is a popular dentist in Phoenix because his in-office teeth whitening method is relaxed and safe. He uses a gel which is chemically activated on a patient's teeth for an hour. For the duration of the hour, you can lie back, watch a movie or listen to couple of songs on your iPod. What the gel does is get rid of slight discoloration and break up stains on teeth. For the procedure, a hot light is not used since it decreases sensitivity as well as makes the whitening procedure a great deal more enjoyable. Take-Home If a patient doesn't want to go through the teeth whitening method in-office, then Take-Home teeth whitening gel trays can be prepared. The Take Home gel offered to patients is a version of the in-office gel which is less concentrated. When following the Take Home tray method, you need to put the gel on the given trays, and then position the trays on your teeth exactly prior to going to sleep. Normally, the length of the treatment is three to four nights. The end result is you having teeth which are four to six shades whiter. When using this system, you might normally get slight sensitivity. Then again, the sensitivity can be kept away with over the counter pain medication.
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