Any discount for large order wholesale teeth whitening supplies ?
For the inquiry about the discount, please make direct contact with us. We've set up a team of marketing staff consisting of experienced salespersons and they are responsible for formulating the policy for discounts. Sometimes, so as to entice customers to purchase in larger quantities and give them a more favorable price, we will launch some promotion activities. Generally, our sales strategy is that by offering a larger quantity, we can increase our revenues per transaction and customers can get a favorable price. This strategy is beneficial for both parties. As for the exact discount, it's suggested that customers can consult with our staff in our Customer Service Department who are always ready to answer your questions.
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With so many years, Nanchang Dental Bright Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development, design, and production of best teeth whitening kit. We have accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing industry. Dental Bright has created a number of successful series, and teeth whitening light is one of them. Because of the high levels of heat produced by GlorySmile blue light teeth whitening, the aluminum PCB board that contains a thin layer of dielectric that allows quicker heat dissipation is attached to printed boards. Since it is peroxide-free and fluoride-free, it is friendly to just about everyone's teeth. People can count on this product to gain enough wiggle rooms to adjust flexibly to their movements no matter they stretch, walk, or squat. It can penetrate tooth enamel and dentin to remove intrinsic stains from deep within the tooth.
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Our unique service has established our place in activated charcoal powder industry. Check it!

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