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by:GlorySmile     2020-05-29
Whitening gels: The first thing we can note with whitening gels is that it is also necessary to have a 'gutter' to use them. A gutter is a kind of shape that fits around the teeth, after having put the whitening gel, which remains in place until the product could take effect. When you buy a cheap kit, these gutters are supplied as is, and it can sometimes be very difficult to make them align with your own teeth. For high quality products, gutters soften in hot water, so you can, thereafter, insert them over your teeth and make them take the necessary shape. Some whitening gels can also irritate the teeth, either because they are too strong or because the ingredients they contain are not of superior quality. With these two initial comments, you certainly understand why it is very important to choose a superior whitening kit. Idol White: Idol White does not have the same problems as the whitening gel, since the application is directly from the pen on your teeth. Thus, no need for a gutter, you can apply Idol White with no additional element. Regarding itchiness, there is none to fear, as this product is of top quality and whitens your teeth gently. I must nevertheless admit that the use of Idol White should be a little more frequent than quality whitening gel. As Idol White is less aggressive, it requires a more regular care and use. Conclusion: All in all, it really is up to you to decide if you prefer to use a whitening gel or Idol White. Since, as I mentioned earlier, all tooth whitening products have advantages and disadvantages. If you want something more aggressive, go for a gel of high quality and if you want a product a little softer but still effective, Idol White is probably the best choice. No matter what choice you will make still protection better than treatment. I mean it is better to avoid the foods that may make your teeth yellow better than looking for a way to make them white again. Long term changes in your lifestyle like brushing your teeth each day more than once are going to make your teeth even whiter and healthier.
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