A cosmetic dentist can offer a number of services

by:GlorySmile     2020-05-27
Are you a good candidate for a teeth whitening system? If your teeth are discolored due to certain food and drinks, smoking, certain childhood illnesses or even poor dental hygiene in the past, chances are very good that teeth whitening would be a good choice for you. A qualified dentist can offer you several whitening processes. Some, like the Rembrandt Sapphire Service, are performed in the office and can offer a significantly brighter smile in about one hour. There are also programs that you can do in the convenience and comfort of your home like the Treswhite System by Opalescence, which uses disposable whitening trays that work while you watch TV or work online. These are both professional systems that are only available through a professional dental office. They should not be confused with over the counter whitening strips. These products typically do not work as well, despite their claims. Some cases of tooth discoloration do not respond well to whitening procedures, such as when teeth are naturally dark or discolored do to certain diseases, fluorosis, or genetics. These are referred to as intrinsic discoloration (internal), as opposed to extrinsic discoloration caused by some outside agent. Porcelain crowns and composite fillings also cannot be chemically whitened. Fortunately, today there is help for those suffering from many forms of intrinsic situations through veneer applications and replacement crowns. Consult a dentist to determine the cause and proper treatment of dental discoloration. The causes can be surprising. Sometimes it can be a sign of underlying medical conditions such as severe acid reflux or use of certain antibiotics. Even psychological problems can cause tooth problems: Anorexia nervosa and bulimia can cause enamel erosion or discoloration. Poor dental hygiene may also be a factor. An experienced dentist should take care of other tooth problems before the whitening process begins. A cosmetic dentist should be seen once the cause of discoloration is established and the whitening process is recommended. This procedure should only be done under the care of a professional dental team trained in these procedures. Once completed, the increased degree of brightness to the smile can have many positive benefits. These include greater self-confidence, sex appeal, a youthful appearance and a radiance that will cause others to respond to you in a positive manner. White teeth represent youth, vitality and good health. They can make or break a job interview, a date or other important occasion in which first impressions count. It is easier than ever to achieve a vibrant smile, and there are more affordable choices out there. Tooth whitening applied by a family dentist is the single most effective way to improve your appearance in one hour or less. Coupled with a great new hairstyle and a new outfit, perhaps, and your wow factor will increase dramatically as will your overall outlook.
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